New Futura Condo – The Epitome of Convenient Living

An excellent modern apartment ought to be not only comfortable and located in a secure neighborhood but also accessible and conveniently close to an array of lifestyle-relevant facilities. These may include shopping malls, high-end schools, state-of-the-art gyms, beautiful recreational parks, hospitals, etc. This is the exact premise that New Futura Condos are built on. What’s more, New Futura Condos are open for occupation to both natives of Leonie Hill Road ( Singapore ) and expatriates looking for a luxurious private nest when in the country.

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The Luxurious Interior and Stunning Design of New Futura Condos

These two elements are what puts New Futura Condos miles ahead of other housing options in Singapore’s upper market real estate, to be more specific District 9. A brainchild of City Sunshine Holdings, New Futura Condos sits on 88,000 square feet of prime real estate land. In other words, the over 124 units that make up the bulk of this real estate behemoth are supported by two twin blocks that will also double as New Futura’s Condo basement parking gateway. As you can see, there is no shortage of ample and secure parking in and around New Futura Condo’s palatial setting.
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New Futura Condos: Luxury Condominiums at their Best

New Futura Condos are without a doubt a gem addition to Singapore’s District 9 photogenic skyline. What’s more, these condominiums are spiced with an array of elevated decks, sky bridges, a spanning aluminum canopy completed by a majestic circling design. If anything, the condo complex’s architectural construction is so impeccable that it was recently awarded the prestigious BCA Green Mark Gold Honor. Besides, New Futura Condos implement a design language that is conveniently different from the concrete jungle superstructure that denotes ordinary condominiums. Instead, there’s a set apart area with foliage, trees and a mini-garden, all of which are synonymous with a luxurious eco-friendly home. New Futura Condo’s sky gardens, also, satisfy the growing need for another trend in urban living.



New Futura Condo’s unique lighting approach is yet another excellent feature that has greatly assisted in putting the luxury living complex in District 9’s map. The ever-lit crown atop New Futura Condo’s complex acts as a mini-beacon which ensures that the condominiums are well visible from almost all parts of the district. In addition to this, the spaces between the sky terrace are distinctively internally lit to give off that welcoming afterglow which, as a matter of fact, is also quite visible from outside. To put it more simply, New Futura Condo’s outlook from a distance is nothing short of being breathtaking.
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New Futura’s Condo luxurious ambiance is crowned by the presence of unfettered access to a heated communal pool. Truth be told, very few condominiums are located within walking distance of a deluxe leisure pool, especially in a setting such as Singapore’s District 9. The pool is not only meticulously maintained but also well-lit and punctuated by well-manicured foliage for that ever-green and welcoming allure. A fully-equipped fitness center and gym is also within the vicinity of New Futura Condos